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Security Systems
CES Capital Flash Securities System (Standard Version)
CES Capital Flash Securities System (Standard Version)is the latest version released , aiming to become one of the most advanced on-line trading systems for Hong Kong securities market. The system is the extension of traditional web browser trading system, targeting our professional users who demand a more handy trading tool. With stable connection, the system is able to cover vast majority of nationwide network financial data. Free from international Internet export restrictions, we can ensure the stability and security of the data transmitted to Hong Kong for every single transaction. The system uses Windows platform, a simple and friendly interface, providing an easy operation to meet the trading practices of domestic user. Network communications using SSL 256-bit encryption technology has strengthened data transmission security, providing an upgrade usage of the system.

md5:6A07209EFE33A8C4B2EA18184F0B4027update date:2014-10-23
CES Capital Flash Securities System (Professional Version)
The professional version of CES Capital Flash Securities has developed on the foundation of its standard version. The professional version is a steamless integration of price quoting and deal taking functions into one system. Stable and rapid transaction data is connected to the mainland server system, ensuring every single transaction has been processed quickly and safely. This version provides powerful features, users can achieve rapid order transactions by using keyboard shortcut keys while tracking the market. The operating practices fully meet the requirements of domestic users. Its real-time quote system can help professionals to make fast and easy transactions.

md5:C9D01D25291F869B2B6A2000F0445360update date:2014-10-23
Future Systems
CES Capital SP Global Futures System
Customers can use this platform for a variety of transactions of the vast majority of future products in United States, London and Asia. User-friendly interface and ease of use are the main advantages for SP system to become a powerful tool for global future transactions.

md5:AF2703AD514C20C4DF7682A9CAF2A90Eupdate date:2015-03-23
CES Capital Futures SP Demo
Ces Capital futures trading system SP demo can be registered by email for 14-day free trial. The demo account provides virtual capital of HKD100 million for trading over seven types of global futures contract. Please visit the link: http://spdemo.cescapital.hk:8000/DemoAcc/DemoAcc.php?lang=3.The account will be active at once the registration has completed. Registers should provide an accurate email address for the purpose of receiving an identification email. Clicking the link provided in the identification email, registers will receive two separate emails of demo account login details and password. Registers should follow the procedures in the emails in order to download the demo account.

md5:88B06B012398B4D89C6FB9EF7D2C177Cupdate date:2014-10-23

md5:44CA5E969C937A8C8DF7D6C7DB676DF7update date:2017-02-22
Digital Certificate Driver
Digital certificate store account uses a USB KEY intelligent storage device which shapes like a U disk . The application of digital certificates consolidates the integrity of our company's futures online trading platform. The Digital certificate Driver is now available to download and install.

md5:1E9CBE39FE57898AFD7EBF7D7304ABD4update date:2014-10-23
CES Capital MD5 Tool
MD5 Tool provides MD5 message-digest algorithm, users can use this tool to identify whelther their own downloaded softwares have completed in no error.

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Forex Systems
CES Capital FX trading system MT4
MT4 is a FX trading Platform.

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